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Halogen globes - 35w low voltage and HaloMax globe saver


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Using 35w globes is a smart choice when it comes to saving energy- and the light output will not be compromised. Using a 35w globe compared to the standard 50w means a 30% reduction in energy costs AND when used in conjunction with our exclusive HaloMax™ globe saver the globe life will be extended from 2 to 3 times the stated hour rating.

Using a 35w halogen globe with a Halomax™ globe saver will save money AND dramatically increase globe life. We sell these products as a pair (globe and HaloMax) and offer free fitting into standard office ceilings within our service areas.


  • 35w globes and HaloMax™ are easily retro- fitted into existing downlight installations
  • Using a 35w globe will save 30% on running costs compared to a standard 50w globe
  • Using HaloMax™ has been proven to increase globe life by more than DOUBLE
  • Save on replacement costs of existing globes.
  • HaloMax™ globe saver units are solid state devices and guaranteed to last 10years


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